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When should my child have a checkup?
Your child should have well-child checkups at 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 24 months, 3 years, and once a year thereafter.
What if my child is ill after-hours?
Call us for a referral to an after-hours clinic if you feel your child cannot wait until the office is open, but it is not an emergency. The after-hours phone number can be found here.
When should I take my child to the ER?
Go to the ER if your child is in distress, he or she is not able to breathe, you are concerned a bone is broken or an injury needs stitches, your child is dehydrated (no saliva or urine output), or he or she is unresponsive or having a seizure.
What are the doses for acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Motrin)?
Note: Dosing by weight is more accurate than dosing by age.
Weight Age Infants' or Childrens'
Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
Infants' Ibuprofen
(Motrin) Drops
Children's Ibuprofen
(Motrin) Liquid
6-11 lbs 0-5 mos 1.25mL Do not give ibuprofen to children under 6 months
12-17 lbs 6-11 mos 2.5 mL 1.25 mL -
18-23 lbs 12-23 mos 1.875 mL 3.75 mL -
24-35 lbs 2-3 yrs 5 mL / 1 tsp - 5 mL / 1 tsp
36-47 lbs 4-5 yrs 7.5 mL / 1.5 tsp - 7.5 mL / 1.5 tsp
48-59 lbs 9-10 yrs 12.5 mL / 2.5 tsp - 12.5 ml / 2.5 tsp
72-95 lbs 11 yrs 15 mL / 3 tsp - 15 mL / 3 tsp
What types of insurance do you accept?
We accept all major private insurances, as well as ARKids A and B. If you are a new patient or have a recent change in your insurance, please feel free to contact us to confirm that we accept your insurance.
What if I can't keep my scheduled appointment?
We understand that things can come up that prevent you from keeping your appointment. When we schedule an appointment for your child, we are setting aside time with your doctor just for you. If, for some reason, you cannot keep your appointment, we ask that you call us to reschedule or cancel. This allows us to offer your time slot to another patient.
If you do not call to reschedule or cancel, or if you call less than 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, we consider this a no-show. After three no-shows, you are subject to dismissal from our clinic.
What if I need special forms filled out?
We are happy to fill out any forms that your require. However, please understand that many forms are quite lengthy and require time to fill out. We also process forms in the order in which they are recieved. Therefore, we ask that you allow 7 days for a form to be completed. If you know you will need a form by a certain deadline (for example, the start of school, athletics, summer camps, etc.), please plan ahead. We are unable to fulfill last-minute requests.